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Ville de Collioure
RF Ministère de la Culture
Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales

Principauté d'Andorre
Région Languedoc-Roussillon
Office Tourisme des Pyrénées-Orientales
Office de Tourisme de Collioure
La Poste
DATAR Pyrénées
Robert BONET galerie
Fort Dugommier de Collioure

Why support points 2 vue® ?

BE ASSOCIATED TO A PROJECT WITH A HIGH VISIBILITY AMONG INHABITANTS Installations in cultural places and in public areas will associate inhabitants on a large scale both as viewer and actors.

JOIN IN AN INTERNATIONAL EVENT The international development of POINTS 2 VUE ® already augurs international media interest and many citizens' adhesion.

FALL WITHIN THE SCOPE OF TERRITORIAL CHANGES POINTS 2 VUE® enhances the attractivity of the territory : new cultural places, new vision of the territory for the audience.

BE PART OF A DYNAMIC  GATHERING OF ECONOMICS AND CULTURE The diversity of artistic looks upon POINTS 2 VUE ® allows any firm to chose the partnership that will be the most in accordance with its values and communication policy.