Marc-André 2 Figuères dédicacera les 2 affiches (nuit/jour) qu'il a dessiné pour les prestigieuses fêtes de Collioure, lors du vernissage de son exposition "Baigneuses à Collioure" le 17 aout 2013 à partir de 17h.

The Postal Service broke new ground and gave ma2f the task of designing the first "empty" stamp in the history of philately. It was made for the principality of Andorra.

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Ville de Collioure
RF Ministère de la Culture
Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales

Principauté d'Andorre
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Office Tourisme des Pyrénées-Orientales
Office de Tourisme de Collioure
La Poste
DATAR Pyrénées
Robert BONET galerie
Fort Dugommier de Collioure

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BE ASSOCIATED TO A PROJECT WITH A HIGH VISIBILITY AMONG INHABITANTS Installations in cultural places and in public areas will associate inhabitants on a large scale both as viewer and actors.

JOIN IN AN INTERNATIONAL EVENT The international development of POINTS 2 VUE ® already augurs international media interest and many citizens' adhesion.

FALL WITHIN THE SCOPE OF TERRITORIAL CHANGES POINTS 2 VUE® enhances the attractivity of the territory : new cultural places, new vision of the territory for the audience.

BE PART OF A DYNAMIC  GATHERING OF ECONOMICS AND CULTURE The diversity of artistic looks upon POINTS 2 VUE ® allows any firm to chose the partnership that will be the most in accordance with its values and communication policy.