Marc-André 2 Figuères dédicacera les 2 affiches (nuit/jour) qu'il a dessiné pour les prestigieuses fêtes de Collioure, lors du vernissage de son exposition "Baigneuses à Collioure" le 17 aout 2013 à partir de 17h.

The Postal Service broke new ground and gave ma2f the task of designing the first "empty" stamp in the history of philately. It was made for the principality of Andorra.

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Portable Point 2 vue® (PP2V)

Point de vue portable

After the Points 2 Vue® sculptures that focus the eye, MARC-ANDRE 2 FIGUERES invents the Portable Point 2 Vue in the form of a BOOKMARK.

These P2VP enable the viewer to freely choose his or her point 2 vue which becomes personal, intimate, unshared and the means to the vision.

And to take possession of all of the possible landscapes, personal creations, original, ephemeral, infinitely renewed according to one's pace and desire. There is no permanent memory but only traces that disappear almost as soon as they are created and incite the viewer to start again.

Recto (representation)

The window-frame mingles with the representation of the site admirably well and becomes a show just waiting to be watched.

Verso (abstraction)

This final Point 2 vue, is completely abstract like a (door) window open onto infinity.




Ma2f et les Points de Vue portables


4,5x22cm (recto-verso)

A perforated frame that one can look through. With this P2VP, YOU CAN CHOOSE your FRAME, Your SPACE, your personal POINT 2 VUE© and EVEN MORE than that you can create your own work of art...
This bookmark was created and illustrated specifically for a precise location. It goes along with the in situ installation of Points 2 vue. (Estimate can be requested)


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