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Marc-André 2 Figuères dédicacera les 2 affiches (nuit/jour) qu'il a dessiné pour les prestigieuses fêtes de Collioure, lors du vernissage de son exposition "Baigneuses à Collioure"
le 17 aout 2013 à partir de 17h.

La poste innove et confie à ma2f la conception du premier timbre creux de l'histoire de la philatélie. Il est édité pour la principauté d'Andorre.

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THE Point 2 Vue® CONCEPT

With MA2F we have grown accustomed to seeing beings and things that we deal with on a daily basis in a different, original way.

The artist's objective is to go beyond appearances in order to grasp the intrinsic truth of things. Art, said Cocteau, is a lie that tells the truth. But generally speaking, the artist creates a work and then, based on its nature, chooses a frame to create a parameter and focus the eye on what he or she wants to highlight.

It is the frame in this case that determines the work of art. The artistic approach stems from the gesture of placing the frame in a precise location in order to give that particular view a reality that is immediately graspable but still so blended into the rest of the environment that it is almost invisible

In this case, for MA2F, the objective is to incite the stroller, who is perhaps not yet a viewer to notice the repetition of the sculpture-frames®, then to question their use and next to look through them in order to try to understand what the artist wants to show each time. In this way the stroller becomes a viewer who is steadily more involved in what he or she sees and who will begin to rethink the familiar landscape around him/her. Is this not the very nature of art ?

Croquis préparatoire Point 2 Vue

This approach is suggested at the level of the sculpture-frames® themselves; initially with the three steps that start from the ground, the viewer rises from the material to the intellectual. The stairs enable the progressive ascension to the sacred. They are connected to the frame by a rippled bar that represents the wave, the vibration, the secret alchemy that will transform the senses into words and thoughts. Finally, the frame is covered in gold leaf to symbolize the actual climb that has been made and the knowledge gained.

Gold, is the color of light, it is the most precious of all metals, the perfect metal. It is the child of nature's desires. Nestled in its gilded frame, the vision thus appears like a liturgical image, an icon that becomes the path to spirituality.

The icon, like MA2F's sculpture-frame® has nothing to do with portrait art. It is generally acknowledged that it has not been created by man but by miracle, Figuration here is ideal nature. It is the representation of transcendental reality and a medium for meditation. It is never an end in and of itself but always a means.

It is a window open between earth and sky, but also opens both ways. It is on the outskirts of the sensorial and spiritual worlds: it is the reflection of the latter in the former and a way to access the latter. The multiplication of the sculpture-frames® dispels the timelessness of the work and places it in a mobile and multi-lateral space-time perception. It plays on multiple and variable expressions as opposed to portraits that condense the wealth of a subject in an absence of expression and variability.

The sculpture-frames® offer a place to stop, a pause to enjoy the comforting movement and mobility of things. The multiplicity of the sculpture-frames® points to the internal complexity of the universe; it is a sign of accomplishment, of a cycle that has come to an end.

The sculpture-frames® are not set up randomly but according to a precise objective; a Point2vue that has not only to do with the object but also with the approach. The eye penetrates the frame and glides towards the site that has been selected.

It is the eye, the artist's eye, the artist's intervention that suggests the visible. The eye penetrates the frame and glides towards the view. The eye paves the way for desire and fuels the urge capturing the world thanks to its perception it appears like the symbol and instrument of a revelation.

The creator's eye and the creature's eye are involved in the creation. The creature's eye is in fact the essence of the creation. They play off of one another and only exist through one another. Without this eye, the creation loses its reason for being. To play with what one sees does not mean to play in a world of appearances, it means revealing the world to uncover the truth. This is our approach, our vision; according to where one stands one is offered a different view on one reality.

This in-situ installation is also interesting in that the vision according to MA2F is a perfect hyper-figuration, it is reality itself, open to all interpretations and none of these interpretations takes away from the others nor do they caricature a single point of view. This reality can only fully exist through an in situ installation; even taking a photograph through the frame reduces it.

Through the points 2 vue and the various eyes that it supposes, MA2F operates a metamorphosis of the view that refers us back to our own metamorphoses, even if it does not change, only the way we view it changes.