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Marc-André 2 Figuères dédicacera les 2 affiches (nuit/jour) qu'il a dessiné pour les prestigieuses fêtes de Collioure, lors du vernissage de son exposition "Baigneuses à Collioure"
le 17 aout 2013 à partir de 17h.

La poste innove et confie à ma2f la conception du premier timbre creux de l'histoire de la philatélie. Il est édité pour la principauté d'Andorre.

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The P2V project

Mise en valeur de vos plus beaux points de vue, par des sculptures-cadres® en bronze.


The artist Marc-André 2 FIGUERES proposes the installation of his Points 2 vue® in some fifty cities in France, Europe or the World and even on the Moon, with the publication of a book that brings together the photographs of some of the most beautiful points 2 vue®.

The installation occupies a space with sculptures that are shaped like empty frames serving to highlight a view that is not pictorial but real and directly linked to the spectator's point of view.

The sculpture-frames are not set up randomly but according to a precise objective; a Point2vue that has not only to do with the object but also with the approach. The eye penetrates the frame and glides towards the site that has been selected.

This in-situ installation is also interesting in that the representation of the selected site is a perfect hyper-figuration, it is reality itself, open to all interpretations and none of these interpretations takes away from the others nor do they caricature a single point of view. This reality can only fully exist through an in situ installation; even taking a photograph through the frame reduces it. Alternatively, it is possible to add a webcam in order to transmit the images selected in real time.

Initially conceived as a sculptural gesture, the artist takes his points 2 vue outside of his studio in order to involve them in the lives of these towns, not as decoration but as a social and political act. This essential motivation enables original interactions between diverse elements, the town and the site, the artist who is inspired by it and the public's imagination. The public is then invited to create their own personal museum free of the constraints one encounters in traditional museums. Along with a catalogue representing the 50 most beautiful Points2vue, this artistic installation has become a national and international project. Similarly, the work represents an unquestionable asset for the influence and visibility of the town in which it will be installed.

"POINTS 2 VUE" network as a link between european countries.

The concept is based on the idea of a network by placing the points 2 vue in partnering towns as a link between European countries. More than a work of art, it is also a way of emphasizing the region and the cultural influence that goes beyond the town and the country.

The European Points 2 Vue Networks proposal is the fruit of the first installation that has been in Collioure (in the Pyrénées Orientales region) for the past 15 years and was awarded the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.