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Marc-André 2 Figuères dédicacera les 2 affiches (nuit/jour) qu'il a dessiné pour les prestigieuses fêtes de Collioure, lors du vernissage de son exposition "Baigneuses à Collioure"
le 17 aout 2013 à partir de 17h.

La poste innove et confie à ma2f la conception du premier timbre creux de l'histoire de la philatélie. Il est édité pour la principauté d'Andorre.

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12 Points 2 Vue in Collioure

Video of the Points 2 Vue® around the Collioure bell tower

1st part: Interview in situ of Marc-André 2 FIGUERES
during a guided visit of the P2V trail.
2nd part : interview of François TAJAN Auctioneer
at Artcurial concerning the P2V trail.

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installation LAYOUT

Points 2 vue around the Collioure bell tower is an installation that highlights the Collioure bell tower using two identical sculptures shaped like empty frames that put the accent on the bell tower through a 12 stop itinerary.

The itinerary proposed by MARC-ANDRÉ 2 FIGUERES, follows along the natural trail of the Collioure bay and invests the space through sculptures in the form of empty frames that serve to highlight a location not represented in pictorial form but in reality; a reality that depends on the point of view of the spectator.


Point 2 Vue 1 : Chapelle Saint Vincent

Point 2 Vue n°1

The Saint-Vincent Chapel

This is the starting point of the theory. It is here, at the base of the bell tower that its masculine side is the most manifest through its verticality, its girth, the roundness of its yellowish-pink dome. At the last stop, Saint Elmo's Fort, there is a single point 2 vue that encompasses the entire erotic theory. It also holds within it the premise of a story as yet untold and that will unfold as the itinerary progresses.

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


Point 2 Vue 2 : Le Boramar

Point 2 Vue n°2

The Boramar

This view point highlights the bell tower in its specific and inseparable character from the church. It contains the mystery of the unseen; the church becomes the venue for pleasure that transcends towards the beyond, the symbol of female eroticism that soars towards the spiritual. This is where transcendence takes place. It is presented in simple architectural form and houses the Collioure Treasure and the essence of the town.

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


Point 2 Vue 3 : La Jetee

Point 2 Vue n°3

The jetty

No matter where one is on the port, the bell tower is permanent and haunting and invades all of the visual territory. The jetty is the only place where the bell tower is reflected in the water, where the masculine dips in the feminine element. The port is where the boats anchor and it is also the place that all crafts enter. This is the point 2 vue from which one can watch the boats laden with anchovies arrive. Le port is magical, the cauldron in which the ingredients of eroticism are mixed together. It is the pivotal place where the theory's alchemy takes comes to fruition.

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


Point 2 Vue 4 : Le Port

Point 2 Vue n° 4

The Port

This is the only point 2 vue open on docked boats at the foot of the bell tower. Typical of the Catalonia region, these fishing sailboats with their rounded skiffs create a link between the sea and the land. The port is alive with their cargo. Millions of anchovies caught in the nets are tossed out in an implacable ritual. They are then sent to the village to invade the beaches, the Douy and the Royal Castle. Towed by the wind, they are docile to the current and their speed depends on the force that propels them.

Anchovies are the maritime specialty of Collioure. They stay fresh several hours after they have been removed from water but are generally preserved in brine, a job often done by women while the sailors are at sea. The man is outside the woman stays on the land. The anchovies provide the nourishing link between land and sea.

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


Point 2 Vue 5 : l'Orme du Chateau Royal

Point 2 Vue n°5

The Elm at the Royal Castle

This is the first place where we gain some height with regard to the bell tower, the masculine side of which softens. This is also the only spot directly facing the tower giving us the feeling that we are at the same level and no longer crushed by its dominance. We gain perspective on its virile power and instead delve into its intimacy. The elm that grows on the ramparts, at the foot of the gate leading into the castle, symbolizes the tree of the temptation of Adam. It enables individuals to become conscious of their Eros and at the same time of the human condition.
Situated in the center, at the highest point of the village, the royal castle separates the village and the part of the town situated outside of the walls. It is triangular in shape and belongs both to the land and to the sea since the foundations of one of its sides were built onto the rocks underwater. This castle is surrounded by powerful walls, moats and especially a glacis, a smooth surface that could reflect the enemy approaching. It is a protected place comparable to where life grows after insemination.

French Ministry of Culture Collioure Conseil Général Pyrénées-Orientales


Point 2 Vue 6 : la chapelle du Chateau Royal

Point 2 Vue n°6

The Chapel of the Royal Castle

The Royal Castle has a chapel, the main window of which looks out onto the bell tower and the bay. A royal castle should give off a sense of mysterious and intangible power; what it contains seems distant, as inaccessible as it is desirable. It appears on a magical beach and area that are already endowed with a sacred force, and disappears as if by enchantment when the knights approach the mirage.
It is in this castle that the Queen fell asleep and the Prince languished as time passed before they could be together again. It symbolizes the conjunction of desires, of a desire sentenced to remain unquenched, an undetermined desire, a nascent desire and finally the desire that culminates in eroticism; sublimated royal eroticism.
The first thing one sees from the chapel is the bell tower's domed tip that cultivates the fantasy. It is merely a vision and the Queen, who is an allegory for femininity, must be responsible for the descendants... A line of descent that relies on the ascendance since it overlooks the village from atop the hill. The Queen is the embodiment of inaccessible eroticism; she is the source of all desires even if in reality eroticism is fully expressed in the quest that leads to the Queen's bedchambers.

French Ministry of Culture Collioure Conseil Général Pyrénées-Orientales


Point  2 Vue 7 : le Port d'Avall

Point 2 Vue n°7

Avall Port

Once one leaves the Royal Castle the view progressively fades and becomes more feminine, leaving behind it the brutal aspect to melt into a more general context. Here the situation shifts imperceptibly. This is the hermaphroditic point that brings together the masculine and the feminine and allows the story to really begin.

The trail leads along the contours, along the beaches and over the footbridge. This is where one strolls, looks for oneself, looks at oneself and wins oneself over. Nothing exists but everything is possible and waiting to be defined, the initiatory path of nascent desire, the prelude to a story that will be written and inscribed elsewhere; inside, within the walls, where the little port is nestled and opens the access to the village. This is where the bantering starts, on the water's edge. A second door then opens, more intimate, where the limit between surface pleasure and more deep-seated pleasure is expressed. A pleasure that is different from the bell tower's. The stroll is an exploration of the points 2 vue, a selection, an initiatory path, a user's manual for things to come, one of the rules of the erotic game !

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


Point de Vue 8 : le Boutigué

Point 2 Vue n°8

The Boutigué

The stroll continues in the part of the town outside of the walls, behind the castle, around the bay and the port. It offers an unobstructed and complete view of the bay and the port. At the foot of Saint Elmo's Fort, the delight in contemplating the landscape heightens the sensitivities and eroticism of this place by calling on ones' fantasies.
The bell tower, the royal castle, the beaches, the water, the village all line up to provide a unique perspective that links them altogether and one after the other. They no longer have one color, one odor; they all melt with the rhythm of the wave that alone continues to move in an insatiable cadence. This is the balancing point between the masculine and the feminine, where eroticism gives way to softness.

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


Point 2 Vue 9 : la Balette

Point 2 Vue n°9

The Balette

The most secluded beach on the other side of the bay offers a flat view of the bell tower, parallel with the water.
The rocky coast marks the end of the trail and perfectly espouses the contours of the cove, drawing the last folds of the Pyrenees on the water's edge. Tiny crafts scattered around the bell tower form a makeshift barrier against possible enemies. They cause a fleece of foam to form and are Nature's mysterious signal that something is perhaps taking place. The rocks that form an odd triangle between the bell tower, the trail and the extremity of the port, are perpetually caressed by the waves and yet the attack of the elements never erodes them.

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


Point 2 Vue 10 : le Musée

Point 2 Vue n°10

The Museum

Here the point 2 vue takes off once again and focuses on the bell tower that fades away imperceptibly. The museum is located behind the beach in a beautiful garden with large trees that hide it and give it a sense of secrecy.
From the terrace one's eye skims the tops of the trees to reach the bell tower. The spectator seems cautious, hesitant, shy, curious, voyeur, as if faced with the brutality of his or her feelings he/she needs to withdraw to analyze his/her impressions. To see without being seen and to enjoy the view that is offered without becoming involved. There is doubt, but it does not halt the approach that inevitably leads to fulfillment.

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


Point 2 Vue 11 : la Glorieta

Point 2 Vue n°11

The Glorieta

Inside the museum's garden is a kiosk called the Glorieta, a peaceful haven that offers a welcome stop before climbing up to Saint Elmo's Fort. From there, the outlook becomes even broader. Doubts are calmed and we can take in the unique panorama onto the bell tower. All around the bell tower, the roofs with their orange tiles are minutely intertwined. A mouth with large lips protects the entrance from the sea winds, an invisible and erosive caress. The great winds' tongue traces in the sand the idea of desire !

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


Point 2 Vue 12 : le Fort Saint-Elme

Point 2 Vue n°12

Saint Elmo's Fort

Saint Elmo's Fort is one of the observation and culminating spots for the erotic theory. It is the place where the theory is revealed.
The panorama is vast, magnificent, and huge; it envelopes the entire space in a two-fold sense of vertigo that is at once physical and sensual. It is when I was strolling there one day that I understood that the Collioure bell tower is not only phallic but hermaphroditic as well. Seen from above, it gets smaller in some ways, much as in the Freudian definition of the feminine bell tower. The bay and the village take on a new form, as in the theory of the myth of Plato's cave where the prisoner can only seize the unreality of his or her fantasies by escaping the mirage of the shadows.

French Ministry of CultureCollioure


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